The Cosy Cottage in Ireland is a lovely and heart-warming read from Julie Caplin

The Cosy Cottage in Ireland is the latest book by author Julie Caplin who is a former PR director. Who travelled around Europe for many years taking top food and drink writers on press trips (junkets) sampling the gastronomic delights of various cities in Italy, France, Belgium, Spain, Copenhagen and Switzerland. It was a tough job but someone had to do it. 

These trips have provided the inspiration and settings for her Romantic Escapes series which have been translated into fifteen different languages.

The first book in the seven-strong series, The Little Café in Copenhagen, was shortlisted for a Romantic Novel of the Year Award.

Talented lawyer Hannah Campbell is after a change in her workaholic Manchester life – so on an uncharacteristic whim she books herself a place at the world-renowned Killorgally Cookery School in Country Kerry. But on her first night in Ireland, sampling the delights of Dublin, Hannah can’t resist falling for the charms of handsome stranger Conor. It’s only when Hannah arrives at her postcard-pretty home at Killorgally for the next six weeks that she discovers what happens in Dublin doesn’t quite stay in Dublin …

Nestled amongst rolling green hills and breath-taking countryside, the cookery school throws Hannah and Conor together – for better or worse.

Snuggle up in your favourite armchair and take a trip across the Irish sea for comfort food, cosy cottage nights and a heartwarming romance with The Cosy Cottage in Ireland. A read that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside and with a big smile on your face. It’s one that makes you feel content when you’ve finished and happy that read it.

It makes you want to visit the idyllic sounding cottage and feel as if you have become friends with the main character and were joining her on her trip.

It is an absolutely lovely read.

You can get get a copy of The Cosy Cottage in Ireland here!

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