The Kitchen by Laura Carter is a lovely read about three very different women

The Kitchen is the latest novel by Laura Carter. Laura writes women’s fiction with a romantic slant. Exploring every day relationships and getting under the skin of her characters is her passion. She takes inspiration from everything she overhears in cafes, so be wary of that strange woman ‘listening’ to music next time you’re chatting over coffee. Laura lives with her family in Jersey, Channel Islands.

Can they stand the heat…?

Maggie’s in the running to be the next head chef at Michelin-starred Manhattan restaurant, Jean-Sébastien’s. Unfortunately, she’s competing against notoriously arrogant Ethan to prove she’s the best chef for the job.

Food critic Emily can make or break a chef’s career. When she visits the restaurant to see what interim head chef, Maggie, has to offer, Emily is having a particularly bad day…

Single mum Nayomi needs a job and Jean-Sébastien’s needs a kitchen porter – perfect! She just has to keep her head down and money coming in. But she’s desperate to speak up and help struggling chef Maggie – Nayomi’s own skills might be just the recipe to save Maggie’s career and impress Emily.

The Kitchen is a lovely read. It tells the story of three women who are linked to the restaurant but all have very different lives. Each character has their own personal story is perfectly interwoven with the other characters, done so vividly that you feel you know the characters intimately by the end of the novel. It makes you feel like you never want to leave their lives. It is a very relatable and enjoyable read.

You can get a copy, here!

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