Happy Birthday Louis: Times Louis Tomlinson changed his fans’ lives

It’s Christmas eve, it’s also Louis Tomlinson’s birthday, and he’s turning 30, so we thought we’d celebrate by asking some of his Louies on Twitter just how he’s changed their lives. So get comfy, make yourself a drink (maybe a Yorkshire tea), and enjoy reading about how Louis Tomlinson changed his fans lives.

Asking fans how they are on social media.

His inspirational lyrics in songs like Perfect Now have helped many fans through moments in their lives that have been hard for them hem courage and confidence to do things they didn’t feel like they could.

Louis writes such diverse lyrics that tracks like Two of Us help fans and tracks like Kill my Mind serve as daily motivation.

He brings joy to the lives of his fans and helps his louies meet new friends.

Louis inspires his fans to be better versions of themselves.

He makes his Louies feel like everything is going to be ok!

Louis’s music has brought many Louies together and made them feel like they have a place to belong full of people who also love his music.

Louis has given many of his Louies hope during the pandemic, be it checking in with them regularly or rescheduling his tour as best he could to give them something to look forward to.

He is the reason many Louies find meaning in life and have faith in the future, that it will get better and they can do anything they set their mind to.

Some simply sum up his influence on their life as “he’s an angel”, and to be honest we can’t really argue with that.

He encouraged his louies to set up a virtual school on Twitter which would help other fans in subjects they were finding difficult at school or even if they just wanted to learn something new.

Louis has inspired fans to give back to others.

His Louies have often been inspired to donate to good causes and help others be it through initiatives such as 1D Fans Give , birthday projects or sites such as 1D Charity Info which highlight all the charitable causes that Louis has made a difference to.

Louis hosted a record-breaking Livestream to help out his tour crew, the live events industry and some very worthy charities.

He released a song Just Like You, just for his Louies as a thank you for all their support.

Louis created the Away From Home Festival to welcome the return to live music, give new talent in the industry a platform, and offer his fans a free gig. The festival was such a huge success it will now take place yearly.

He released his debut album Walls in 2020, an album that has become a daily listen for many of Louis’s fans due to the lyrics and empowering nature of the record.

Louis’s Youtube will never fail to make his Louies smile. From music videos, behind the scenes footage to interviews, it’s an uplifting place to spend a few hours getting lost in his content.

He inspires his Louies to learn important skills such as sign language, something he learnt so he could interact with every fan he met.

Louis teamed up with Full Time Meals on Instagram to make a fish finger sandwich and encourage families to spend time cooking together.

He used his Two of Us music video to help a man named Richard to complete his bucket list and raise money for some amazing charities.

Happy Birthday, Louis, we cannot wait to see you on tour and see what amazing things 2022 has in store for you!

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