Celebrating Two years of Walls by Louis Tomlinson!

Walls, the debut solo album by Louis Tomlinson turns two. The album went to number one in over 50 countries when it was released on 31st January 2020. An unsurprising feat given his fans had been waiting a long time for him to release his music. Though once it was released they quickly understood the wait. Louis had painstakingly been crafting an album full of bangers, that were both personal to him but relatable for those who listened to it.

Two years on Walls remains a stunning body of work that still feels as relatable now as it did upon its release. It delicately balances Louis’s roots from his time as one of the key songwriters in One Direction who helped to define the bands sound from their third album onwards, to allowing Louis to stretch his musical wings and showcase the music he is passionate about and introduce people to the next chapter in his musical journey, a chapter that is culminating with him heading out on a world tour and has seen him create his own music festival.

Walls cover art!

Walls has no skippable tracks that is a fact. The tracks on it mean so much to so many with fans getting lyrics that touch them tattooed. It’s an album that empowers the listener, it helps some process their own feelings and emotions, while also being that album you can blast and dance around the kitchen to and sing along loudly to in the car or shower.

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