Presette- A one-stop-shop for a beautiful Insta feed by Lou Teasdale and Lottie Tomlinson

Want a beautifully curated Insta feed? Then you need to visit Presette. It’s a one-stop-shop full of Adobe Lightroom presets, that will help you get a beautifully curated feed.

Presette is the brainchild of Insta influencers and businesswomen, Lou Teasdale and Lottie Tomlinson who have two of the strongest and most aesthetically appealing insta feeds we have seen.


There are currently eight collections available on the site, created by Lou, Lottie and the Presette team all designed to give you the feed you’ve always dreamed of.

Minimal Nudes Collection

The Minimal Nudes Collection brightens your fashion and details images whilst keeping the true tone of your images. This preset will brighten your whites and make your colours less harsh giving you the perfect nude feed.”

35mm Collection

The 35mm collection gives your images the look and feel of a real film camera.

Bondi Collection

Bondi beach, Australia’s most iconic beach was the inspiration behind the Bondi Collection. This preset will transform your images into faded pastels, glowy skin tones with bright clean whites.

Parisian Collection

“The Parisian Collection, inspired by my[Lou’s] trip to Paris, darkening your blacks and brightening your whites. The perfect collection for a high contrast feed.”

Lottie Glow 

“Day to day collection to create warm skin tones for those after a neutral tonal feed.”

Each collection features a minimum of four presets and all collections are extremely reasonably priced at £10-£20, so getting the Insta feed you’ve always wanted won’t break the bank. We personally use Shades of Grey, Lottie Glow and Bondi on our feed and are currently really considering investing in the Minimal Nudes collection as well. The presets are really easy to download and use in adobe lightroom.

You can see all the collections on the presette website! Let us know which presets you love on @TBHONEST_UK

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