Learn to play the guitar with Michael Blackwell, Louis Tomlinson’s guitarist

Ever wanted to learn to play the guitar? Or already play but want to practice and learn more? Then let Louis Tomlinson’s guitarist Michael Blackwell give you some tips.

Michael is offering a limited number of guitar lessons via Zoom or Skype. The lessons will cater to all abilities and all musical tastes.

A hugely talented musician and a singer/songwriter who records original material with his band The Heartbreak War, their latest track Cause and Effect is well worth a listen.

He has recently been working with Louis Tomlinson a lot as Louis recorded, promoted and performed his chart topping album Walls.

Michael was supposed to be touring the world with Louis, for the We Made It singers world tour, but like many others in the touring and live event industry, plans have found that work and planned jobs have to be hastily put on hold or re-arranged to next year due to COVID-19 restrictions.

As well working with Louis, he’s worked as session musician for Lewis Capaldi ,Walking On Cars, The Shires and Andy Brown.

You can find out more about the guitar tutorials Michael is offering on his Instagram.

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