It’s been 1 year since Louis Tomlinson released We Made It

It’s been one whole year since Louis Tomlinson released We Made It in to the world, and we are so thankful he did.

We Made It was the second single to be released off his debut solo album Walls, and it was very different to his previous singles Just Hold On, Back To You and Kill My Mind. While Kill My Mind was a statement of intent from Louis about the overall direction (unintended pun….) he was talking his music in as a solo artist, We Made It gave us a look of what type of sound to expect from Walls.

We Made It is a track the listener can interpret in many ways. It could be seen as a statement between an artist and his fans, that they’ve made it this far working together, a thank you to fans for supporting the artist’s career. Which could be very true in Louis’s case, as we’ve never seen an artist more dedicated and appreciative of the support his fans give. And his fans, are an absolute force to be reckoned with, they support his music, everything he does with as much passion as they can. And what’s so inspiring to see is that Louis never forgets it and thanks them and shows his love for them any chance he gets.

For those listeners who unlike Louis don’t have a huge fanbase behind them, it could be interpreted as track about a relationship, be between lovers in a long term relationship making it through hard teams or similarly relationships with family and friends…. looking back after and saying We Made It.

No matter the interpretation it’s a track like many off Walls, holds universal appeal as it’s personal to Louis for it mean what it means to him but ambiguous enough that it means something and connects with those his listen. His distinct and unique ability to use his voice to deliver emotion led and passionate vocals, allows listeners to connect with it on many different meaningful levels.

Months after the release of the single Louis released the We Made It: Directors Cut, which was the ultimate music video. It was 15 minutes long and was a extended cut of the video trilogy made up of the three singles he’d released from Walls ( Kill My Mind, We Made It and Don’t Let It Break Your Heart.) He teamed up with renowned director Charlie Lightening for the entire project.

The Directors Cut gave more insight in to the narrative that had linked all three of the videos. It told the story of a young couple whose life was being controlled by a mob boss.

Pulling the male protagonist in to job after job and not letting him leave his employment, despite many pleas. It was a multi-layered narrative, that had the right amount of tension and made you really feel the protagonists pain and frustration at the continuous control the boss had over the couples lives.

The couple eventually get a happy ending with the help of Louis. The Directors Cut gave the story so much more depth and could very easily have been turned in to a longer film. It really showed just how creative Louis can be and how his brain works, and how well he and Charlie Lightening work together.

One thing we know for sure is Louis Tomlinson has certainly made it in the past 12 months since the release of the inspiring track. He’s released his hugely successful album Walls, sold out a world tour for 2021 and has parted ways with his long time label Syco. Louis has an exciting and bright future to look forward to with his fans by his side for every step.

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