Review: Having Faith in the Future paid off for Louis Tomlinson as he releases his second album

Throughout his career, Louis Tomlinson has written some great songs and has honed his craft which he showcases in his second album Faith in the Future.

Faith in the Future is Louis letting go and making the type of music he loves. It’s an album that will strip the listener of any previous misconceptions they have of him as a musician because of how he started in the industry. This is the work of an artist who oozes confidence in his songwriting abilities and is utterly at home with the music he’s making.

As an artist Louis is like a fine wine, he gets better musically with every subsequent release and when you don’t think he can get better he releases another track that shows off his skills and blows you away.

Louis’s first album Walls, he says he loves it but played it too safe. With Faith in the Future, he has an album where every track could be a single. There is a track to suit every mood.

On Walls, the most sonically similar track to those you will find on Faith in the Future is Kill My Mind. And Kill My Mind walked so Louis’s second single off Faith in the Future, Out of My System could run. Out Of My System is one of those tracks that will create legendary moments at live shows. Its drum beat is insane!

Then you have tracks like Face the Music, current single Silver Tongues and Written All Over Your Face that again are utter perfection. As a body of work, it was made to be sung live, and it will be next year on Louis’s world tour.

There are some more vulnerable and raw moments on the album which give the album balance and show a softer side, Saturdays and Chicago highlight Louis’s versatility not just as a lyricist but as a vocalist.

For many of the tracks, Louis worked with fellow musicians including The Hurts, Theo Hutchcraft and The Streets’ Robert Harvey to create the album.

Faith in the Future is an important step for Louis. Although one we don’t envy as it has so many great tracks on, making the tour setlist is not going to be an easy task for him but we cannot wait to see what he picks.

But for now, it’s back to playing the album on repeat!

Faith in the Future is out NOW via 78 Productions under an exclusive licence to BMG! You can buy a copy here!

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