Here’s to the future: Liam Payne showcased some of the music industry’s rising stars

On Saturday evening Liam Payne reminded everyone just how much we relied on his VEEP live stream shows by hosting one that showcased some of the music industry’s rising stars.

Liam opened the show with his track Polaroid.

He then acknowledged how good it was to be back singing and doing live shows. “What’s it like to be back performing again?” “It’s a bit strange like diving in the deep end but it’s great!”

He then gave a nod to the One Direction era of his career by singing 18.

He then zoomed his first act on the show, Sam Macpherson, telling him “You’re a singer for me who pushes on the right notes”.

Sam then showcased some of his music including Last Minute, Routine and an unreleased track called Count.

Jessia was the next artist to showcase her musical talent, with Liam commenting that her set was “fantastic” and his track out of the set she did was ‘I’m Not Pretty”. She also sang ‘Really Nice to Think About.

Marion Jola was next with Liam commenting that having Marion on his show as he “wanted to show love to his fans in Indonesia”. Marion’s set was the most energetic she really put on a show, with backing dancers and everything you’d expect from a huge production. It was a really high energy performance.

Olivia Dean was the last artist to sing on the showcase with Liam once again throwing back to his 1D days, commenting “Olivia Dean everybody! I love I love I love Olivia” Olivia sang a few tracks including “Reason To Stay” and ‘Be My Own Boyfriend’.

Liam then sang a mind-blowing cover of Sam Smith’s How Do You Sleep.

He finished the show with an absolute classic, Strip That Down.

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