Do you remember when Louis Tomlinson nearly signed to Newcastle United Football Club?

Do you remember when Louis Tomlinson nearly signed to Newcastle United Football Club? No we don’t either!

While researching some of our reccent pieces on Louis Tomlinson, we came across this wonderful story about the time he and his One Direction bandmates very nearly signed to Newcastle United Football club. (Well they had a trial at least).

It’s April 2013. Louis and his bandmates Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik and Niall Horan are in Newcastle for three nights as part of their second sold out world tour. But they are a just the tiniest bit fed up. They love their fans dearly. But those same fans they love are currently so excited to see their faves in person they are camped outside the swanky Hotel De Vin, where the band are staying. And so the lads are stuck inside and they are bored!

Tony Pierzchalski known to his mates as Tony P, was mates with the lads, owns a travel and lifestyle concierge business looking after private travel and hospitality for those in the public eye decided to help them out.

I’m good friends with Pards, I sorted it all out,” Tony told the Chronicle Live newspaper recently when asked by the paper about the change of career direction, some of the lads in the band nearly had..

Louis, Harry, Liam and Niall headed to Newcastle Football Clubs training ground where an 8-a-side team featuring Alan Pardew, Steve Stone, Peter Beardsley, Hatem Ben Arfa, Danny Simpson and assorted staff from the club.

Rob Scanlon who at the time was the clubs in house reporter, came up with an absolutely genius way to capture the visit for Newcastle United’s Football Club’s website ,to interview them as if they were triallists playing for five-year contracts at the club.

They immediately snapped into it, took it dead seriously and did it all deadpan. They really bought into it which was perfect because I had no idea what they were going to be like. I thought they might be surrounded by agents and stuff like that, but they weren’t, they were very approachable and very up for the joke,” Rob remembers when he spoke to The Chronicle Live.

Louis got in to the spirit of the game , really putting his heart and soul in to his trial at Newcastle United football club, managing to get a penalty past Steve Harper.

“It was like a testimonial. The penalty that Louis stuck away was a farce, it was never a foul. I remember Pardew trying to put him off as he took it.” Remembers Steve Stone.

“I think of myself as quite versatile,” explained Louis, “I’m ready for today and hopefully I can put in a good game. I came here to try and grab that deal and when he ( Pardew ) called me out, it was a big moment. I’m very excited about this club.”

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